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Stamboom Jacoba Hart `t

The Person Parents Grandparents
Willem Martinus Hart `t

Jacoba Hart `t
Born: 09 Sep 1936 Rotterdam

Hubertje Van Wezel

Family details Personal details

on 13 Jan 1960 at Rotterdam
Josephus Antonius Sengers
Born: 08 Nov 1937 Rotterdam

Lex Sengers
Born: 03 Jun 1960 Rotterdam

Iris Sengers
Born: 04 Nov 1961 Rotterdam

Jose Sengers
Born: 26 Jul 1963 Rotterdam

Rene Sengers
Born: 07 Sep 1964 Rotterdam

Ronald Sengers
Born: 28 Nov 1966 Rotterdam

Leon Sengers
Born: 18 Nov 1972 Rotterdam

Evelien Sengers
Born: 25 Feb 1974 Rotterdam

Reference = B-XVI/46



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