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Kwartierstaat Anna Maria Sengers

The Person Parents Grandparents
Cornelis Sengers
Born: 24 Mar 1883 Bergeyk
Died : 6 Nov 1956 Eindhoven

Alphons Antonius Sengers
Born: 02 Apr 1920 Bergeyk
Died :23 Jul 1978 Bergeyk

Maria Dymphna Van Gompel
Born: 17 May 1879 Bergeyk
Died : 9 Apr 1920 Bergeyk

Anna Maria Sengers
Born: 12 Feb 1951 Bergeyk

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Geradus Josephus Van Raaij

Josephina Maria Van Raaij
Born: 08 Mar 1924 Luyksgestel

Anna Maria Heuvelink

Family details Personal details

on 9 Aug 1974 at Bergeyk
Antonius Wilhelmus Johannes Van Daal
Born: 03 May 1948 Bergeyk

Reference = D-XVI/160
Parent Ref = D-XV/82

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Other Info:
1 daughter and 2 sons


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