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Kwartierstaat Augustinus Johannes Sengers

The Person Parents Grandparents
Jan Sengers
Born: 17 Jun 1874 Heiloo
Died :13 Dec 1953 Limmen

Theodorus Sengers
Born: 17 Aug 1899 Heiloo
Died :27 Jun 1972 Heiloo

Cecilia De Waard
Born: 26 Sep 1875 Bergen
Died :21 Jan 1944 Heiloo

Augustinus Johannes Sengers
Born: 21 Sep 1928 Heiloo

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Augustinus Levering

Catharina Levering
Born: 12 Dec 1899 Egmond-Binnen

Catharina Zenveld

Family details Personal details

on 29 Oct 1953 at Egmond A/D Hoef
Anna Margaretha Ruiter
Born: 30 Nov 1929 Egmond A/D Hoef

Theodorus Nicolaas Jozef Sengers
Born: 09 Dec 1955 Egmond A/D Hoef

Nicolaas Jozef Maria Sengers
Born: 02 Oct 1956 Egomd A/S Hoef

Catharina Adriana Maria Sengers
Born: 02 Feb 1958 Emond A/D Hoef

Petronella Margaretha Maria Sengers
Born: 19 May 1959 Egmond A/D Hoef

Margaritha Cornelia Maria Sengers
Born: 03 Oct 1960 Egmond A/D Hoef

Anna Johanna Maria Sengers
Born: 19 Sep 1961 Egmond A/D Hoef

Maria Cornelia Sengers
Born: 06 Oct 1962 Egmond A/D/ Hoef

Petrus Cornelis Maria Sengers
Born: 31 Oct 1964 Egmond A/D Hoef

Antonius Augustinus Maria Sengers
Born: 18 Nov 1965 Egmond A/D Hoef

Paulus Johannes Maria Sengers
Born: 24 Aug 1969 Egmond A/D Hoef

Reference = D-XVI/46
Parent Ref = D-XV/24



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