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Kwartierstaat Gerardus Christianus Sengers

The Person Parents Grandparents
Hendrikus Sengers
Born: 09 Jan 1866 Rumpt
Died :11 Dec 1955 Rhenoy

Hendrikus Antonius Sengers
Born: 12 Mar 1905 Rhenoy
Died : Jul 1988 ...

Alijda Johanna De Vries
Born: 14 Oct 1870 Rhenoy
Died :27 Aug 1955 Rhenoy

Gerardus Christianus Sengers
Born: 18 Jun 1942 Rgenoy

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Lambertus Verlangen

Jacoba Aleida Verlangen
Born: 23 Apr 1915 Beesd
Died :27 Oct 1972 Rhenoy

Johanna Clasina Vermeulen

Family details Personal details

on 12 Jun 1970 at Zaltbommel
Greta Gortzak
Born: 05 Oct 1942 Amsterdam

Michael Sengers
Born: 09 Apr 1973 Zaltbommel

Miranda Sengers
Born: 26 Feb 1976 Zaltbommel

Reference = B-XVII/52
Parent Ref = B-XVI/49

Snijder van meubelstoffen


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