The CV of Chris Sengers

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On the move

Between leaving DE KUYPER and start work at WPH Timber

Between my date of resignation at 15th of July 1961 and starting work at WPH Timber & Hardware Pty.Ltd. on the, I think it was somewhere in mid August 1961 (I suppose I can look it up in my tax files, I still got those from those days!!), we firstly had an eventful flight with KLM flying a DC9. In Rome we landed with a faulty engine. This had to be acquired from Amsterdam so we had a night in Rome in a hotel very close to the Vatican. After a few more landings there must have been something wrong in Karachi because we were driven from the airport to a very large resort hotel where we were presented with a lavish dinner under the moon. A few more landings and then the landing in Biak. A flat tyre!! Biak was a very primitive airport and we all could stand around the aeroplane, lit by torches while they changed the tyre!! From there to Sydney where we arrived well after the landing curfew. Because the plane had so many mishaps they allowed us to land in the middle of the night, We had to wait for the emigration and custom officer to arrive. After that we were taken by bus, all 3 of us and 2 other people, to a hostel in Summer Hills. It was the coldest night of the year and we were very uncomfortable. In the morning, a beautiful sunny winter day, we learnt that we were destined for Bonnegilla. That same morning we read in the newspaper that the migrants in that place were sort of rioting about the conditions in that place. We therefore told the people who were supposedly in charge of our welfare that we refused to go to that place. So we stayed in Sydney and arrived in a migrant hostel at Scheyville near Windsor (and also near Richmond were we live at present). From there I scouted for a job.

More of this Story later!!!!

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