The CV of Chris Sengers

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Maison Beukers

On the 15th of August 1945, just 4 days after leaving Rijssemus I found employment with Maison Beukers as an apprentice cook-pastry/cook. The job here was really more interesting and I learned a lot. Also this job helped me also to do better at night school as I mentioned before. The hours of work were however not much better. Still 6 days per week and at least 8 hours per day. During this time I also enrolled at night school to get my higher school certificate and I had an arrangement with the boss that I could leave Monday nights at 6 pm to go to school. One Monday, after I visited my doctor in the morning for an infection to one of my arms and of course arrived late at work, I was told I could NOT leave at 6 pm because I was late in the morning. I told him calmly that we had an arrangement and that I insisted that I would leave. He told me, OK, but if you do, you don't have to come back in the morning. I thanked him for the time he had employed me and told him that I would pick up all that was due to me on the following day. And that was the end of my cooking and pastry days. I left on the 26th of October 1946 and started again to look for a job.

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