The CV of Chris Sengers

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Winford Motors Pty.Ltd.

Well, here we arrive at my last job.
As an assistant accountant for a Ford Dealership in Windsor NSW, named Winford Motors Pty. Ltd.
Working, for what I found out after a while, 2 very nice persons who owned this Company on a 50%, 50% basis.
Basil Malaher and John Grier.
What can I say.
There are many dealerships, car-yards or whatnot
I think, and I know this from the experience I gained whilst meeting people from other dealerships, there could not be a better place to buy a car from.

The accountant, the one I was employed by, was Michael Head.
The job was not at all boring, in fact very interesting. During the first few years I was also exposed to some other jobs, warranty clerk, service receptionist and spare parts. 3 or maybe 4 years after I started and whilst working in the service department, Michael Head decided to "head" for bigger things and got himself a job at a larger Dealership, Dale Ford.
This meant that his job was vacant and if you can guess, yes I applied for the job and again, after discussions and an interview with the Auditor of Winford Motors, I got the job and held this until my retirement on the 11th of January 1996.
During this time I also became a Director and the Company Secretary of the Company.
The company grew from employing about 20 people to around 55 and later moved from very small premises to acres and acres of land and brand new offices, parts, service and sales buildings.
Sadly, shortly after moving to these new premises, Basil Malaher died. He never really saw the site in real operation
After that, John Grier was appointed by Ford Asutralia as the Dealer Principal of the Ford franchise.
I must say in admiration, John Grier, without having Basil Malaher on his side, build-up Winford Motors to what it is now today.

Hereunder a picture of my first pay packet. $54 minus $6 tax leaving $48 for us for a 40 hour week !



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