The CV of Chris Sengers

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WPH Pty.Ltd. & Ziliani's Stores

When I started here I was assistant to the accountant. The accountant was a Mr McAteer who put his resignation in a few weeks after I started. After learning this, I immediately inquired if they would allow me to take up that position. After many talks and an interview with their Auditors they agreed to give me a go and in early September 1961, I became an accountant! At this place I learned a awful lot. Firstly, the type of accounting I learned in Holland was totally different from how they did it here. It did not matter because, I like figures in any form and I adapted readily (maybe I changed things subtly), after all, I did get my Certificate for Modern Business Administration in Holland with good marks. During the time with this company I also studied for the National Institute of Accountants Certificate. I did not quite finish this 4 years course but I did my intermediate exams and in one of the exams I was congratulated for getting a 3rd place in NSW.

The proprietors of this company were beautiful and very nice people. However in the end we found that after a certain happening we wanted something, what, well maybe we wanted to spread our wings again. Well, as you can see on the next page, no time for leisure. I finished at WPH on the 5th of Feb. 1965 and started the next job on the 8th of February 1965!


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