The CV of Chris Sengers

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At W.Rijssemus

From the 1st of February 1943 until the 11th of August 1945 I was employed by W.Rijssemus as an apprentice pastry cook.

During this time I also attended a night school for this trade at Spangen (Rotterdam) I left this job because the boss, after I returned from Germany, insisted that I should keep on delivering by handcart the daily requirements of his two shops. This was always a job for an adult and when I pointed this out to him he told me to take it or leave it. I told him he could stick the job after which he told me that before I should make that decision, I should first talk with my father. As I knew that father would allow me to make up my own mind, I informed Mr.Rijssemus that I was my own man and that I would resign as from the 11th of August 1945.

In Front

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